PDN Article on Food Photography

By Jennifer Kilberg

Photographer Francesco Tonelli has really shown a different approach to food. He is able to not only showcase food in still life, but capture the process from raw to cooked in motion. You can see his motion reels on his website, in which he truly treats food as a moving object.

Francesco is not just a food photographer. He’s also a master chef and a food stylist. Born and raised in Italy, Tonelli has cooked in kitchens throughout Europe, was a R&D Chef and Food Stylist for La Cucina Italiana in Milan, and worked as an Associate Professor in Culinary Arts at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

For the past decade, Francesco has used his professional experience as a platform to interact with food experts and creative professionals at a new level. He has successfully stepped behind the camera, taking full charge of the design, styling and photography of food on set.