Chilled Beans and Tomato Soup

Sweet Leeks Risotto

 Yield:  1 quart (serves about 5)


For soup

 For garnish


Beans, Cranberry, Fresh, Shucked

1 pint

Tomatoes, ripe, guts only

2 cups

Onion, sweet, diced  inch

1/4 cup

Olive oil, extra virgin

10 Tbsp

Carrot, diced 1/4 inch

1/4 cup

Parsely, Italian, Fresh, Chopped

1/2 cup

Celery, diced 1/4 inch

1/4 cup

Pepper, Black, Ground


Salt, Kosher









1.       Put the beans in a sauce pan and cover with cold water about 2 inches above them. Add the Onion, Carrot and Celery and bring to a simmer.

2.       Cook, partially covered, on a low simmer for about 30 minutes. Add a pinch of salt and continue cooking for another 30-60 minutes or until tender. Taste, adjust seasoning, cool, refrigerate.

3.       When ready to serve, remove from the fridge, add the tomato guts (which can be reserved from cutting tomatoes used for other purposes, such as roasting or making concassé), add the freshly chopped parsley, the olive oil and the pepper.

4.       Taste and adjust the seasoning with additional salt if needed.

5.       Serve chilled or room temperature.


NOTE: This is a simple and healthy dish. Like all simple preparation the quality of the ingredients play a huge role in the final result. Using fresh local beans, ripe tomatoes, homegrown parsley and a good quality olive oil will payoff with an extremely healthy vegan and gluten free soup with a rich and refreshing flavor.