Photograph by  Candy Kennedy

                                                                                                                   Photograph by Candy Kennedy


He is not just a photographer – he is a guide who takes his clients and guests on new and exciting journeys into the world of food. Born in the Marche region of Italy and raised in Milan, Francesco’s style is rooted in a deep, passionate and lifelong understanding of food. His earliest and most valuable lessons were learned from his mother, who grew up on a farm in central Italy and understood so many aspects of food-making, from harvesting crops to making olive oil. The meals she cooked every day incorporated seasonal ingredients in a way that not only respected but also enhanced their flavors, and Francesco still applies her lessons when preparing the dishes he cooks today. After many years of working in kitchens and hotels across Europe, Francesco became a professor of culinary arts at The Culinary Institute of America, and a prominent R&D chef and food stylist for La Cucina Italiana in Milan, developing and styling hundreds of dishes for the magazine. His comfort with food, the cooking process, and the people who create food has endeared him to renowned chefs, creative directors, account executives and food marketing professionals alike. Whether he is collaborating on cookbooks, traveling to food expos and conferences, judging food photography contests or consulting on recipes for commercial food clients, Francesco’s immersion in the world of food has made him one of the most sought-after food photographers.

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